Physical Science

     Welcome to the Physical Science page.  We will explore physical science this year including matter and energy. There is a focus on project work this year as well as group work (which will be interesting from 6 feet apart).


     I hope that the resources I put together here help you learn better. Remember, there is a textbook.  If you have any questions, please e-mail me (

     Each unit is assessed in four areas: content (30%), science (30%), mission (30%), and student (10%).

Also, the students will work on a page for their cumulative project due in May called their Big Book of Science.


Below is a list of links to unit guides, images, assignments, and rubrics.  


Science images


Matter notes


Atoms and elements notes


Chemistry notes


Kinetics notes


Electromagnetism images

Electromagnetism notes


Wave energy, click here.


Thermal energy, click here.


Nuclear energy, click here.


Letter home with grading and homework guidelines

Mission rubric

Lab work rubric

Lab Guide

Lab report rubric

Big Book of Science guide