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Welcome to The Riverside School's science web page.  During this time of learning from home, I have revamped this website to include lots of information.  Be forewarned, learning is best done the way I teach in person, with lots of questions and time spent thinking and quizzing yourself.  Simply reading the information rarely makes it stick and understanding is usually less when one does not try to make sense of things for oneself the way I ask in class.  In other words, while the information may be presented here, this is not a suitible substitute for class and your understanding of the material will not be as good is you just use this site.


Physical science:  This is a hands-on course full of projects, labs, and activities.  They will explore what matter is and its properties, then they will study various forms of energy (nuclear, electromagnetism, heat, waves, etc.) throughout the year.  For more information about the activities and the units of study including guided notes, click here.


Life science:  This is a lecture-based course focusing on note-taking, data analysis, and research paper writing.  They will explore life, evolution, cells, and each of the systems necessary for life, followed by genetics.  For more information and images, click here.


Earth science:  This is a lab-based course focusing on the design, performance of, analysis of, and reporting of student investigations.  They will explore the Earth, its basic properties, the lithosphere, hydrophere, and atmosphere, and then wrap up with some basic astronomy.  For more information and images, click here.


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