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Mr. G's Science Website


Welcome to The Riverside School's science web page. You can use this page to get the images presented in class and rubrics and guidelines and handouts. I have the page split up by class with links to each class's page.


6th grade Physical science: They will meet four days a week with two double period labs. They will explore what matter is and its properties, then they will study various forms of energy (nuclear, electromagnetism, heat, waves, etc.) throughout the year. There will be a lot of activities, labs, and a focus on projects this year. For more information about the activities and the units of study including guided notes, click here.


7th & 8th grade Life science: They will meet every day for a lecture-based course focusing on note-taking, data analysis, and research paper writing.  They will explore life, evolution, cells, and each of the systems necessary for life.  For more information and images, click here.



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